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Women Rock

How many times do you hear men saying: “Oh gosh – its Womens’ Day everyday”? Quite often we hear vice-versa and I tend to agree more with the latter. Not because of my moral bearing, but through fear that my wife will read what I write here! We make light of these idle gender-based banters and most of them are meant as such. However, through fortune and misfortune alike, I have been both a working Dad, and a stay at home Dad – and the working role was a lot easier! I think there is no more demanding, challenging and testing a role as a working mother. It is often a self-sacrificial role, with very little in return, and yet mothers commit wholeheartedly every day of their lives. Of course, not all women are mothers of children – but all women are nurturers to society, mankind and Earth.

In South Africa, we commemorate Womens’ Day every year on the 9th August. Yet, while the country sits back on this public holiday, some sparing a thought for women, some even toasting women, most don’t actually realise how it came about. While it’s encouraged that all women are celebrated on that day, simply to show appreciation for them; the event that led to this commemoration is a little more specific. An act passed in the 1950’s required all black citizens to carry identification passes that would allow them into ‘white areas’. In 1956 20,000 women marched to the Union Buildings in Pretoria, and presented over 100,000 petitions to the prime minister, opposing the act. They also staged a 30-minute silent vigil outside his offices. They then sang a protest song, which loosely translated means: “Now you have touched the women, you have struck rock”.

Indeed – wow. The staff and management of All Out Adventures salute all women. But we also challenge you! We are not asking you to change the course of history or be a part of a national struggle for freedom; but we do dare you to take risks you have not dared before. When you think of what some women have done for this country, can you maybe try at least one little scary thing – just for yourself? Come ladies, take a literal leap of faith on the day you are celebrated!

Wathint’Abafazi, wathint’imbokodo!