Valentine’s Dare | All Out Adventures

Valentine’s Dare

Close your eyes for a second and imagine the following. You are a little breathless, mostly from the climb, but also because your beautiful lover is waiting for you at the top. The fresh scent of pine carries across the mountainous backdrop, confirming you are out and away from it all. Your heart is beating as she turns to you and smiles shyly, the small breeze pushing a little hair across her face. You reach for her, pulse racing – you can sense she feels it too. The tight embrace, not the first but somehow better than the last. All too soon it’s a kiss and neither of you have felt the intensity such as it is now.

You part, and both slowly turn to look down at the view far below. A gaping space of nothingness beckons one to the ground some 17 metres below. The moment is all too big for her and trusting of your loving arms, she leans out over the void. She is brave…or silly. Then, with a quick, “Love you Honey”, you let her go. She screams…disbelief…terror…exhilaration! Initially there is a bit of a free fall, then as the cable takes up the slack, one begins to swing in a high pendulous arc, until eventually the Earth becomes mercifully still. Now it’s your turn.

Why not try adventure for Valentine’s Day? It may not seem like a good idea to pack your Mrs in the car with the tent and rusty old pot, drag her out into the bush with snakes, spiders and no plugs…let alone throw her off numerous cable thrills right? Gosh, maybe it’s her dragging you out! But you know, the rut of life and demands of society require that from time to time we light a cracker under our relationships. Not a little squib such as candles and a closing course of Italian Kisses – sure, it’s cute – but I mean a heart beating boom-bang something new that fires the relationship, creates memories and makes the experience your own. Put your love in a grenade and pull the pin!

Now, open your eyes and stop imagining. Wishing you an adventurous Valentine’s Day.