Trust your harness and cable this Holiday | All Out Adventures

Trust your harness and cable this Holiday

Growing up I have learnt that when one speaks about the holidays, the true innuendo is family, lovers and friends. I am currently sitting on a big black chair that somehow swallows me up and a huge brown desk, this much space is all a luxury to a student. Just like any other situation that seems magical to one, there’s always a best part and this is mine: where I sit there is a perfect view of two doors! Yes, you heard me correctly, TWO whole doors.

I’m about to let you in as to exactly what I see, stay with me and let your imagination free as I speak (read write). I see green, a whole lot of green with constant figures of people passing by with smiles on their faces. I see the King Swing from here, now this is the ride where one climbs up a 21 meter spiral stair case followed by a 17 meter free fall and swing. Let me rather say, I see courage and trust. A fear conquered and by the time one is one the ground I would like to refer to them as a CONQUREOUR.

I hear screams, some sound like they are screaming every last bit of air out their lungs while others do not scream at all. They fear, they jump, they trust and they have fun. This is the very same way that we each go out into the big “wild” world during the year: the fear. We do as much as we can to secure our future and take every risk there is: the jump. Finally, we come back home and we swing our way with smiles on our faces as we’re now around family: the trust. Then we get to what I see from my desk; people passing by holding hands, licking on some ice cream and just being carefree, the fun.

All Out Adventures is all about that, the same way one can be so carefree and joyful around family. The same way one trusts that as long as they have friends and loved ones around them they will be protected, we encourage you to trust the harness, carabiner links, a few cables and straps and have a safe and enjoyable experience.

Have an amazing festive season!