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The Greatest ‘Second Chance’

Since Easter, which is a very prominent event in the lives of Christians, is upon us – let’s look briefly into what it’s about. We know that on what was to become Easter Friday, Jesus was crucified. Though Christians celebrate his resurrection on the Sunday, He arose on the third day. More importantly though, was the purpose behind Jesus’ demise. In short, he died for the sins of mankind – a sacrifice that graced all of humanity, past, present and forever, with a second chance to reach Heaven.

While not all people are of the Christian faith, second chances are a gift that each of us has to offer another, or others – irrespective of religious alignment. Who does not like to be given a second chance, an opportunity to make right the wrongs that hurt? To receive such blessings, we need to learn to give them first – and the way we do this is by forgiveness. Accept a sincere apology, forgive the trespass, and allow the transgressor a second chance to make right with you. Only then can we truly expect the same allowances for ourselves. But don’t think for a minute that somebody is keeping score – it’s in our hearts and conscience that we forgive – we do not buy forgiveness, we accept it; and we do not sell it, we give it. Rabbits are not praised for hopping, are they?

On that note, why Easter bunnies and chocolate eggs? It seems that the Bunny originated from German Lutherans in the 1600’s. The rabbit, or hare is recognised as a prolific breeder and so represents fertility – which Christians collate to the Virgin Mary. Folklore also has it that the hare was the judge of a child’s obedience, and would reward accordingly with eggs. Why eggs? Again, eggs represent fertility and the oldest tradition was the use of red-dyed chicken eggs (representing the blood of Christ).

I don’t think we mind that these days, the eggs are chocolate, so long as the Easter bunny comes – and not just for the kids! But don’t neglect the message to mankind, and remember to give before you take; and furthermore, if you don’t want to be needing second chances, then don’t put all your eggs in one basket!

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