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Spring has Sprung

Wow – many would be forgiven for thinking we simply skipped Spring and moved directly onto Summer. In the last few weeks here in the KZN Midlands, we have had many a day soaring into the 30’s. We look outside though and we still see mostly dry, dusty countryside, gasping with thirst. Precious rains have been elusive and even as we see the first signs of Spring, all eyes look to the distant heavens.

Nevertheless, Spring is a season of new beginnings, and these are already on display in Nature’s theatre. Mommy birds will be waiting for the chicks to crack out their eggs. On the savanna, young antelope will wobble on gangly legs before running off with the herds. Already some of our barren trees are sprouting new buds, and colourful flowers promise to splash the stage. It’s really the natural order of things, isn’t it? Winter kills off what was new a year ago. Let’s face it, Spring would not be half as nice without a preceding Winter. In that cold, dry, we hibernate, get cobwebs in our camping gear, and find opportunity to sip red wine around a warm log fire. Spring is about starting fresh – birds, bees, animals, people – they all liven up in anticipation of warmth, and perhaps some rain. It’s an exciting season. We can start putting ice in our drinks again!

We should take our cue from Nature. Chuck yourself into the washing-machine, put it on full cycle, and gallop out to take on the world. Revive yourself, warm up the winter-stiffened muscles, get your new bikini or mountain bike. Freshen up, get fit. Get out. Challenge yourself. All Out Adventures is not your only option, but we do offer all the above. Come see for yourself…we aint gonna tell you here what we are about! We are in the Drakensberg, find us – bring your body, your pulse, your adrenal glands and your grin; and we will shake up all of them!

Spring has sprung – have you?