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Survivor Challenge

problem solving challenge

The Survivor Challenge is a fail-safe crowd pleaser – lots of problem solving and a couple of personal challenges thrown in there for good measure. Groups are divided into smaller teams (or Tribes) to complete a course of problem solving challenges, gathering maximum points in the allotted time. Each challenge focuses on a character trait contributing to an effective team – such as creativity, trust or communication. The Zip Line and King Swing Challenges are optional activities for the adventurous members of the group. Big drums, African masks and face paint add to the atmosphere.

The focus of this program is unity and fun. Nobody is obliged to do everything, but the spirit of camaraderie and light-hearted competition inspires most people to new heights (literally and figuratively!). There are always more activities than teams ensuring participants remain engaged for the duration. Each Tribe is accompanied by a member of All Out Adventures staff to ensure the activities are completed safely and that the event runs smoothly.

CostSurvivor 49 or less: R335 per child
Survivor 50+: R300 per child
Duration3- 4 hours
Group Size10-200 pax
Limits120kg weight limit on high rides