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All Out Adventure Challenge & Cable Tour

Adventure Centre Challenge

The ultimate kids Adventure Program – high speed, adrenalin and quick thinking!
This full day program challenges participants on all levels – it requires team work, lateral thinking, facing fears, learning trust and listening.

Groups divided into teams to complete a course of group and personal challenge activities. Activities include: problem solvers requiring team members to work together to complete a given task where the method is not immediately obvious; creative activities such as drumming and flag painting; and personal challenge activities where participants are required to go beyond their comfort zone to complete the course.

Personal Challenge elements include an exhilarating Cable Tour and the thrilling King Swing, accessed by our famous 20 meter spiral stair case (see details below). A points system adds friendly competition & focus! As there are more activities than teams, groups will not have to wait in between activities.

Groups are welcome to bring along a packed lunch which they could enjoy under the trees during the course of the day.

The following Adventure Centre Highlights are included:

King Swing

A 17 meter free fall and swing from our Tree Top Suspension Bridge. “It’s like an upright bungee jump with a bigger scream!” Accessed by a spectacular 20 meter spiral stair case, the climb is nearly as thrilling as the jump!

Extreme Cable Tour

An exhilarating and scenic ride on the fastest cable tour in the country. Reaching speeds of up to 60km per hour, it’s more like bird racing, than bird watching…… After an easy 10 minute walk to Platform One guides escort you on cable slides up to 240 meters between platforms, 25 meters above the ground. Every platform has a guide operated braking system so you don’t have to stress about how you will stop. All you have to do is enjoy the ride!

Cost up to 49
Adventure Challenge :  R585 per child
Adventure Challenge + Paintball: R800 per child
Cost 50+
Adventure Challenge :  R530 per child
Adventure Challenge + Paintball: R720 per child
Duration4-5 hours; +1 hour for paintball
Group SizeUp to 70 pax
Limits120kg weight limit on high rides
RefreshmentsGroups to bring their own picnic lunch