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Paint Ball Arena

All Out Adventures

Northern Drakensberg

Let the battle begin!

The game takes place in our dramatic forested arena, where the variety of natural and man- made barriers make for an interesting game. Two teams compete to capture the flag that is posted in the centre of the arena. Games are limited to a maximum of 1 hour.

Definitely not for the faint hearted…!

Each participant is issued with 200 paintballs and the game is over when everybody’s paint is finished. Although protective overalls and masks are issued, the paintballs can cause welts, bruises and even broken skin. Overalls and masks are provided but chest protectors are limited. Paint gets used pretty quickly in the heat of battle so it works well to buy additional paint balls at the beginning.

Paint Ball Details
2 – 11 Players R410 per person; 12 or more players 10% discount
30 – 45 minutes. Maximum 1 hour
Operating Times
by Appointment
Not recommended for kids under 10 years
R140 per additional 100 balls
Booking Required
Shorts or long pants. Closed shoes suitable for running (takkies or hiking boots)

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