Trails Summary

Gypsies Bend

trails-gypsiesWide, groomed single track through the veld with moderate grades. Features include easy stream crossings, acacia trees and dramatic
views of the Little Berg.

The bulk of the climbing happens in the first half of the ride.

Rating Easier
Distance 14km
Elevation Gain 180m
Marking Colour Green

Montusi Gorge

trails-gorgeGroomed single track with more difficult grades.

Features include: exposed traverses, wide bermed quad tracks, switch backs, stream crossings and beautiful scenery.
Highlights include the Montusi Waterfall Cave and breathtaking views of the Amphitheater.

Rating More Difficult
Distance 20km
Elevation Gain 369m
Marking Colour Blue

Long Easy

Groomed Single Track with moderate grades
Features include Quad Tracks, stream crossings and easy gradients. Highlights include fast riding along the canal, and a scenic section along the Tugela River. (The trails also goes right past the famous Tower of Pizza, so plan a refreshment stop along the way!)

Rating Moderate
Distance 27km
Elevation Gain 300m
Marking Colour Yellow

Grotto Trail

trails-grottoGroomed single track with most difficult grades. Features include: Long steep climbs, exposed traverses, long narrow bridges, sheer sand stone rock features, elevated fast peddling plateaus, long flowing downhill’s with big berms.

Rating Most Difficult
Distance 30km
Elevation Gain 650m
Marking Colour Red

Berghouse Trail

trails-berghouseGroomed single track with most difficult grades.
Features include: separate tracks up the east end of the valley with long steep climbs, exposed traverses, multiple switch backs, long technical downhill’s, long vistas of the Amphitheater.

There is a good chance of seeing zebra, Blesbuck and Eland.

Rating Most Difficult
Distance 35km
Elevation Gain 790m
Marking Colour Purple


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