If you go down to the woods today… | All Out Adventures

If you go down to the woods today…

By Terry Clarke

If you go down to the woods today…you’re in for a big surprise! Well, okay…only these particular woods. Tucked in a valley below the Drakensberg’s Amphitheatre, and nestled in a small pine forest, is an adventure waiting to grab you. Forget the traffic, the job, the bills…here, the only rush is adrenaline and it’s a one-stop thrill shop.

All Out Adventures does not offer you exhilaration – they promise it. They are the largest and most diverse adventure park in SA and have left no stone unturned to ensure something for everyone. Hear the scream of a zip-line as you launch from your roost. Your own screams as you glide at 60km/hr in the 900m tree-top cable tour. Freefall 17m on the King Swing to straighten the spine and align your teeth. Try an airborne pirouette on a trapeze swing above the net. Safe and secure, the only prerequisites are a pulse, and a determination to conquer fear…and heights.


For those more prone to terrestrial kicks, hop on a quad-bike and take a ride through gorges, rivers and passes in this rugged landscape. Or the quieter version – MTB trails and tours, which include a range of distance and technical options. If sun, sweat and swings are not your thing, then you can always hide in the paintball arena taking pot-shots at your mates – or missus!

Don’t leave the little ones at home with granny. The Kids Zone will sort the Smarties overload with both tame and wild fun alike. In fact, bring granny.

All Out Adventures is not only about thrill-seeking junkies. They welcome the loner, the couple, the family, and is a very popular venue for corporate team-building and group fun! When you have finally satisfied the Indiana Jones genes, sip a giant cappuccino or cold soda, maybe nibble some cake – but be warned, All Out Adventures is no teddy-bear picnic!