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Friends that Fear

“A friend in need is a pest.” Well that’s the lighter, humorous variation of the more familiar and correct phrase: “A friend in need is a friend indeed.” This does not mean that a needy friend is a great friend – which they can be – but actually needs to be read and interpreted a little differently. What the phrase implies is that if you are in need, and a friend helps you out, they are truly a friend. How often do we ourselves moan, or hear others moaning, that they have so many friends – real and on social media – but none when it truly counted?

There can be many reasons to have needs. Many of us experience common ones such as mundane borrowing of onions, DVDs, cars; through to help with financial difficulties, illnesses and traumatic experiences – sometimes just a shoulder. But there can be a fun side to needing a friend. And this need can stem from an unlikely source – fear! Who wants to be alone when they are scared, right? But what if that fear was adrenaline driven, because you were daring something new, having fun but with an element of perceived danger and a bit of thrill? In fact, how much better is a friend that not only holds your hand as you fear, but also takes you along to tackle your fear. Conquering fear is a timeless occupation and millions of souls through the eons have dared it.

We would like to make two suggestions please. Firstly, don’t be the one that looks for help this time, rather be the one that helps a friend. Secondly, while we encourage tackling any fear anywhere, we challenge you to the heights, drops, speeds, obstacles, thrills and screams available at All Out Adventures. The bravest will succumb to a few nerves no doubt, but the ordinary folk will experience a range of emotions from there to full on fear. We don’t seek to scare you of course; our activities are geared for the family and are mostly fun – but there is always the city mouse in every herd isn’t there?

Bring a friend. Be a friend. Hold a hand. If they can just tick off one fear, and you have helped with that need, then you are a true friend…indeed.

Terry Clarke

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