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Flying Trapeze

All Out Adventures

Northern Drakensberg

Where it all began
- an authentic circus trapeze

Instructors coach you through taking off the board to landing in the net, with the option of a knee hang and a back flip dismount. Possibly one of the most technical activities at All Out Adventures but so rewarding.

To successfully complete the knee hang and back flip dismount you need to listen carefully to the guide and follow the instructions at the right time. Those who aren’t so acrobatically inclined can just enjoy the swing and enjoy the sensation of landing in the net.

Flying Trapeze Details
R210 for 2 swings
10 minutes
Operating Times
09h00 – 16h30
90kg weight limit
Forms part of the Bulk Rides package and Ride as Much as You Like package
Booking Required
Shorts or long pants.

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