Famventure | All Out Adventures


They say that insanity is hereditary – you get it from your kids. No doubt many parents can relate to that. We love them dearly but they can be so testing can’t they! From the moment they enter our world, we are destined to house, feed, clothe, nurture and entertain them for another 21 years (at least). But we do this because the joy of having them in our lives overwhelms all else right? Right…?

Life can be an adventure, but is there enough adventure in your life? Are your kids in your adventures? Work, school, sport and sleep rob us of time with our children. Most parents run silly in ruts, automated, but there’s never much fun. There are ‘cyberdistractions’ like laptops, cell phones, iPads – and that’s just the kids! Enter X-Box, DSTV, Box Office and the Mall, and hey, we never see them. Families become a whole lot of people that co-exist. We try to maintain a nigh impossible calendar that seeks only to pull us all in individual directions. Communication becomes a series of grunts and fun is watching the news while the kids do their homework.


Yet there exists an affordable means to bond that clan of people into a close family unit; to generate speech, interaction and cohesion. Adventure! Together…kids and all. Our kids may not think so now, but in time to come they will remember the thrills, exhilarations, laughter and fun of real adventure, long after they remember reaching level 48 of Combat Hero 3. Adventure in the outdoors imprints on one’s memory. Families will remember they were together, having fun, creating moments. Moments that will not only manifest currently, but become so much more precious when they are no longer available.


All Out Adventures are not for the feint-hearted, that’s true, but they do cater for the whole family and even the ninnies! Spend time as a family: swinging, zip-lining, biking, paint-balling, screaming, living, laughing…bonding.

After all, as a well-known band once wrote: “In the future, these will be the good ol’ days.”