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Everything is new

Spring is almost upon us, and the brighter, warmer weather is being enjoyed by all. The beauty of the Northern Berg is a fresh new sight each day, unrivalled and majestic. It is enough to put a spring in your step and set you up for a brilliant day – every day.

All Out Adventures is a life-filled, buzzing place where there is always the sound of laughter somewhere in the background… And maybe a scream or two here and there when the King Swing is in operation. Every single person has a smile for me in the morning when we come to work – which is so uplifting and good for the soul. Share a smile and you may make someone’s day!

Such a joyful work culture breeds the whole philosophy of All Out Adventures. It encourages the growth and discovery of oneself and the workplace being a place of healing. This bubbles over into the service provided to those who come to visit us – reason to come even if you’re not the adventurous type – just to take some of the joy and smiles home with you!

Having only lived in the area a month and a half everything is still new. It is a most welcoming place however, and I was made to feel at home instantaneously. All the people are wonderfully friendly and helpful, and there is definitely a family feel to the valley. Bumping into familiar faces from the surrounding resorts/pubs/cafes occurs fairly frequently, which is always very pleasant and a smile and warm greeting follows.

The peace and tranquillity of the area that comes from the mountains, the river and all the beautiful scenery is something that can never get old. Every day it looks different, or you see something you haven’t before, or just in a different light. The sunrises and sunsets are dazzling, and the clarity of the stars is astounding. The beauty catches my breath daily and my love for this place grows with it, and yet there is still more to come! I cannot wait to see it in the summer when the beauty changes form to the luscious greens, and the exhilarating thunder and lightning storms are upon us.

What a blessing it is to be able to call this valley home.

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