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Bungee Bounce

All Out Adventures

Northern Drakensberg

Get some radical air!

An extraordinary four way trampoline and bungee system where participants are harnessed in and winched up above the trampoline. See how many back flips you can make. One instructor per guest for a 5 minute session.

This is appropriate for all ages. It is a wonderful activity for those who are afraid of heights because you can control how high you go. You can safely attempt back and front flips because you are winched up above the trampoline, so there is no chance of landing on your head!

Bungee Bounce Details
R210 per person for a 5 minute session
5 minutes
Operating Times
09h00 – 16h30
90kg weight limit
Forms part of the Kids Adventure Package and Ride as Much as You Like package and Bulk Rides Package
Booking Required
Shorts or long pants

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