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When I hear the word Freedom, my mind goes to the dramatic scene in Braveheart where William Wallace screams it out just prior to losing his head. It was the pinnacle point in the movie where the hero paid the ultimate sacrifice in the hope of freeing his people from domination. The words terrorist and freedom-fighter, are relative and contradictory terms, and depend really on which side of the fence you are looking from. Had the term ‘terrorist’ been around then, that certainly would have been Wallace’s branding. Similarly, around the world, there are many different Bravehearts, who in one way or another, paid a price to unshackle their people. South Africa’s own was Nelson Mandela. Tried as a terrorist, and imprisoned most of his adult life, he ultimately brought about a change that would free his people and realise his ideals.

Freedom Day, celebrated in South Africa on the 27th April, commemorates the clawing over the finish line for all those that fought against the Apartheid system. On this day in 1994, the country transitioned from white minority domination, instituted in 1948; to one of majority rule by democratic voting – this being the day of the first free elections. So, with the greater humanitarian freedom tucked safely under the belt, let us at a lower level, appreciate the smaller, daily nuances of freedom.

At All Out Adventures, we are not going to make you a national father figure (or mother), nor give you world status as a liberation hero, but you will experience the fundamentals on which those people were nurtured or tested. Freedom of choice, free will, challenge, sacrifice and fear! Nestled in a long weekend, Freedom Day gives you the opportunity to visit us and let your hair down a little -tie yourself loose! Be free. Our mountain air is free; your choice of adventure is free; your adrenaline responses are free. Our activities of course are not – but hey, you won’t lose your head!

“The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.” – Nelson Mandela – Long Walk to Freedom.

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