Spring has Sprung

Wow – many would be forgiven for thinking we simply skipped Spring and moved directly onto Summer. In the last few weeks here in the KZN Midlands, we have had many a day soaring into the 30’s. We look outside though and we still see mostly dry, dusty countryside, gasping with thirst. Precious rains have … Continue reading Spring has Sprung

Life is our Purpose

Berg. Winter. Glorious day. From the shade of the makeshift veranda at All Out Adventures’ coffee area, I observed the sources of squealing, shrieking and screaming. To my left, kids were springing from trampolines, aided by bungee cords that whipped them up high. Beyond them, a young couple reached the top of the King Swing … Continue reading Life is our Purpose

The Greatest ‘Second Chance’

Since Easter, which is a very prominent event in the lives of Christians, is upon us – let’s look briefly into what it’s about. We know that on what was to become Easter Friday, Jesus was crucified. Though Christians celebrate his resurrection on the Sunday, He arose on the third day. More importantly though, was … Continue reading The Greatest ‘Second Chance’