Women Rock

How many times do you hear men saying: “Oh gosh – its Womens’ Day everyday”? Quite often we hear vice-versa and I tend to agree more with the latter. Not because of my moral bearing, but through fear that my wife will read what I write here! We make light of these idle gender-based banters … Continue reading Women Rock

The Future is Young

June 16th was Youth Day in South Africa. Now if you are a committed Dad like me, you would agree that every day is flipping youth day, right? Of course, this particular day commemorates the uprising in Soweto, and is now a celebration of the role played by the youth in liberating SA from the … Continue reading The Future is Young

Spring has Sprung

Wow – many would be forgiven for thinking we simply skipped Spring and moved directly onto Summer. In the last few weeks here in the KZN Midlands, we have had many a day soaring into the 30’s. We look outside though and we still see mostly dry, dusty countryside, gasping with thirst. Precious rains have … Continue reading Spring has Sprung