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All Out Right

March is a busy month for humans. Globally, we celebrate International Women’s Day, and locally, Human Rights Month. As South Africans, we are born into one of the most progressive constitutions worldwide. Furthermore, we are privileged to inherit a country that is so geographically diverse, spacious and with loads of outdoor recreation. Not only do we have a right to Life, but a duty to live it! The Freedom of Movement we enjoy in our land, is more than just a right, it’s a must.

The Universal Month for Human Rights is based on a declaration by the UN in 1948 – driven by the atrocities of WW2 – and it states: “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.”  It’s about being tolerant of, and compatible with, the people around you. We remember all humans were born into the same world by respecting that they are of different races, religions, cultures, and beliefs; but are still people. In South Africa, Human Rights Month serves to remind us of the sacrifices that accompanied the struggle for democracy. Our Constitution is the foundation of our democracy and hosts the Freedom Charter, which states that South Africa belongs to all who live therein.

This month we also acknowledge the rights and equalities of women around the globe. It’s about helping them achieve their ambitions; to challenge conscious and unconscious bias; a call for gender-balanced leadership; and to value women and men’s contributions equally. At All Out Adventures, we acknowledge, respect and salute all women. It is quite apt that the official IWD slogan this year is “#Be Bold For Change”. We are not a political movement, but we do demand a certain boldness from our patrons – men too!

Access to air, nature, recreation and thrill are taken all too much for granted. You don’t always have to mark a piece of paper to exercise your rights – sometimes it’s about finding the ‘X’ on a map. Activities like ours exist because of our rights, so to ignore them would be wrong.

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