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Adventure Packages

All Out Adventures

Northern Drakensberg

Kids Adventure Package

Price: R320

2 tickets
Includes Bungee Bounce, Target Shooting and 1 Kids Zone pass

Ride as Much as you Like

Price: R750

Valid for 1 person for 3 hours for unlimited rides on Zip Line, King Swing, Flying Trapeze or Bungee Bounce. The package also includes 1 ticket for Target Shooting and a free drink.

Paintball, Cable Tour and Quad Tours are not included in this package deal.

Quad Tour & Cable Tour

Price: R1490

Our most popular adventure experience. Enjoy an exhilarating and scenic ride on 900m of cable between 7 forested platforms. Then take a guided Adventure Ride on quad bike on purpose built mountain trails through Montusi Gorge, Rocky Pass, and the Owl’s Pass. 

Paintball & Adventure Ride

Price: R530

Includes a game of Capture the Flag (200 balls) and 1 adventure ride – choose from either the Zip Line, King Swing, Trapeze or Bungee Bounce.

Family Package

Price: R1400

Includes 10 tickets to share them among the family … 1 ticket per activity

Applies to Zip Line, King Swing, Trapeze, Bungee Bounce & Target Range

Bulk Rides

Applies to Zip Ling, King Swing, Trapeze, Bungee Bounce & Targets

1 ticket per activity – the more tickets you buy, the cheaper each ticket becomes….

3 – 5 Tickets @ R190 per ticket
6 – 9 Tickets @ R170 per ticket
10+ Tickets @ R140 per ticket

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