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A New Year for New Adventures

Aaah… comfort zones. Everybody has them. Some we cling onto, they become well established character traits and define our own boundaries and limitations. Others we create on the spur of the moment to avoid some kind of activity that we know is going to push adrenaline levels beyond crisis level. Then there are even those that we will shed in a heartbeat if the situation suits. So then, these so called comfort zones are not physical barriers nor zones at all. They are self-limiting instincts, designed to keep us alive and determine fun from crazy. What if there was a way to push those boundaries, test those limits, and force your pulse-rate a little; while all along not really compromising on the safety aspect of the will to survive.


It’s the Christmas Season right now and as we approach the dawn of 2016 many of you will be thinking about New Year resolutions. While most of these are well-intended, even if not seen through to full fruition, they are largely passive health-incentives like diets, giving up booze or smoking, or maybe renewing the gym contract… again. In other words, they are basically resolutions that allow you to continue wallowing in your couch as you just drop certain habits without much physical effort. If you are serious about getting out of your comfort zone, and really want a meaningful resolution for 2016, why not consider a little adventure?

Like where you actually go outdoors and breathe fresh country air. Get muddy and gritty – sweat a bit. Adventure will stimulate your soul and nurture the feel-good feel that many of us miss in our daily rutted lives. It’s a healthy, vital choice one needs to make to fully benefit from the thrill, rush, fun and togetherness of adventure. Don’t just drop the smokes, pick up a pair of takkies. If you are going to sit and eat grapes, do it on a mountain-top. Make this a new year for new adventures.

Wishing you and yours all the best for 2016