Life is our Purpose

Berg. Winter. Glorious day. From the shade of the makeshift veranda at All Out Adventures’ coffee area, I observed the sources of squealing, shrieking and screaming. To my left, kids were springing from trampolines, aided by bungee cords that whipped them up high. Beyond them, a young couple reached the top of the King Swing … Continue reading Life is our Purpose

The Greatest ‘Second Chance’

Since Easter, which is a very prominent event in the lives of Christians, is upon us – let’s look briefly into what it’s about. We know that on what was to become Easter Friday, Jesus was crucified. Though Christians celebrate his resurrection on the Sunday, He arose on the third day. More importantly though, was … Continue reading The Greatest ‘Second Chance’

A Carabiner Christmas

When you launch your body from a height into thin air, it is a combination of interlinked tools and equipment that prevent an otherwise sudden impact with the ground below. A harness, some carabiner links, a few cables, straps and other measures. Each uniquely designed, manufactured and positioned in the right place to do the … Continue reading A Carabiner Christmas

Mountain Bike Stage Race Boost for Northern Drakensberg

RidetheBerg, a new two-day mountain bike stage race, scheduled for 25 and 26 June 2016, is set to establish the Northern Drakensberg as one of the premier mountain biking destinations in South Africa. Stimulated by the success of the Absa Cape Epic, established in 2004 and the Sani2c, established in 2005, there are now more … Continue reading Mountain Bike Stage Race Boost for Northern Drakensberg